Hayne Flowers

We offer beautiful hand tied bunches of seasonal English flowers

Grown here in the gardens and grounds of Hayne, supplemented out of season with flowers from local growers from within a 10 mile radius. These are organic, beautifully scented and sustainably Devon grown flowers.

We can provide:
  • Brides Bouquet
  • Bridesmaids Bouquet
  • Buttonholes
  • Hand tied table arrangements
Hayne Gardens have soul by the spadeful…

The Walled Garden at Hayne was the creation

of former owner, historian and gardener Ann Adams. For over thirty five years she worked tirelessly everyday to create the beautifully established garden it is today. As if it grew out of the ground itself, Hayne Farmhouse acts as a awe inspiring backdrop to the garden, it’s walls are made from red devon mud out of the fields that surround it and the thatch roof from local wheat. It stands timeless…entrancing… an ancient earthy soul, with many a story to tell of the people who have lived here. Pottery shards found in the garden suggest there has been a dwelling on the site since the early 9th century. Considerable efforts have been made not to totally wrestle the garden back from nature, but instead to give it a guiding hand. It is by no means a show garden. It has a simple organic beauty, not contrived, but instead…just a little bit wild. In certain bewitching light, as the clouds move across the sky, causing golden light to dance through the foliage, a captivating mood permeates and the magic begins to happen at Hayne.